Why Choose PHP Developer As Your Career

Top Reasons To Choose PHP Developer As Your Career

Firstly of all, I would like to say PHP is a very good language. If most of your time spend on internet, you probably have noticed that most of  websites, developed in PHP language. So we cannot say that there is no scope as a  PHP developer.

As a fresher you have a very good scope in PHP but after a time period once you experienced more than 6 or 7 years, you would feel like your career growth has been stopped and your salary package got freeze. So besides PHP you should learn some other language or technology in order to save your career scope and growth. There are so many popular JS Framework(Node,angular) as well PHP CMS (Drupal,Wordpress). , Framework(Laravel,Yii) which have very good scope.

Secondly, If you have great experience then company is looking for specialist with a single skill set, As a good developer you should focus on your expertise for a particular skill set. Now they are looking for a full stack developers with multiple skills sets who can work on backend and frontend as well. You should get prepare for it.

In this article we have listed some important reason, for choosing your career.

Let’s see why choose PHP Developer as a career and the future scope of PHP development.

PHP as a web development tool

PHP platform is widely used as a tool in web development. Most popular websites developed in PHP such as Facebook, Yahoo, Myspace, Wikipedia developed in PHP. For inspiring web developers. There are lots of CMS, Frameworks which are designed in PHP  for quick and secure development of Websites, even developers don’t have good technical skill.

CMS  (Content Management System):

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Typo

E-commerce Platform

  • Magento
  • OpenCart


  • Laravel
  • Codeigniter
  • Symfony
  • Cake PHP
  • Yii
  • Zend

Easy to Learn

 PHP is very easy to learn and yet demand in market, Learning PHP comes with an easy  it’s syntax resembles Java, C, and Perl. There are several realistic examples that demonstrate the functions of PHP. As a PHP Developer there are option to do freelancing as a career. This makes PHP development one of the most flexible career. There are other benefits like high salaries, working in various industries, freedom of remote location if you plan to become a PHP developer.

Open Source

PHP is a 100% open source application that is free. As a PHP Developer, Download PHP , MySql and PHP Frameworks as well it’s CMS and e-commerce flatform, it’s totally free, so not need to worry like. DotNet


Earlier, PHP was procedural language but, now it’s completely OPPs platform after PHP version 5.  There are lots of example of php CMS and framework which totally based on OPPs e.g. Magento, WordPress, Laravel, Symfony are examples of platforms that use Object Oriented Programming Language. Enterprise systems employ concepts such as inheritance, encapsulation, and polymorphism. The OOPS programming concept was introduced by PHP5.

Framework Availability

PHP’s main advantage is its frameworks. Zend, Symfony, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, and Laravel are some of the most popular PHP frameworks. Use of frameworks has many positive points. First, the re-use of codes accelerates growth. Secondly, the use of proven and tested codes reduce errors.

Compatible with a host of OS

PHP is compatible with Linux, Windows and Mac. It also collocates well with MySql and Apache. Cross-platform development is easy and no worry about the OS with PHP.like DotNet. Overall, you can say that PHP is a cost-effective programming language.


PHP has lots of courses to trained PHP developers and provide certification of that. Online documentation is available for a whole range of PHP programming.  Can be learn very quickly as compared to other programming language like. Java, DotNet.

CMS Development

The advantage of PHP,  Most of great framework and CMS developed in PHP so, There is an ever-increasing demand for PHP Developers with almost everything being re-written in codes. Thus, the job of a PHP Developer is that of a promising one.

Job Opportunities 

A degree in information technology or software engineering is a preferable prerequisite to work in the area of PHP. However, you can develop your skills in PHP without having a professional academic qualification if you are willing to work in a non-MNC company even if you have great knowledge then you can work as a freelancing and earn great money.

As a fresher, a PHP Developer may not earn more but upon gaining experience gradually, one can reap high earnings. Adequate knowledge of PHP and fine managerial skills can fetch you the plum job of a PHP Project Manager. While being responsible for generating high incomes, a project manager can enjoy a plus life.

Future Scope of PHP Developer

PHP is a popular web programming language employed all over the world. Moreover, it has been adopted by millions of contemporary websites. As per the findings of Latest Survey, PHP is utilized by 85% of the major web server. PHP Developers are amongst the most ardent professionals in the programming world.

Almost, every MNC company in India hires PHP Developers every year. Therefore, the demand for skilled PHP Developers are going to rise in the coming years.

Suggestion for PHP developer

My suggestion for fresher is that they should design their own blog(Website  – at initially), where they can write their experience and knowledge, it will greatly beneficial to keep you update to date as per market standard as well provide ability to explore more. Apart from this after few years if you worked good on this,  you can earn money using google AdSense.

Salary Packages for PHP Developer

According to PayScale.com survey, the average pay for a PHP Developer is ₹411,727

PHP Developer Average Salary in India
PHP Developer Average Salary In India

per year in India. The skills that bring high earnings for this job are Drupal and Dynamic HTML (DHTML), Model-view-controller (MVC), jQuery, and MySQL. Besides this, experience in the job surely increase the income.

PHP Developer Average Salary in India as per experience label

As per my Experience and R&D on Job Portal and with my friends.

I have categories PHP developer, on the behave of their experience, so that we can identify minimum skill set and salary  per experience.

  • 0-2 Years
  • 3-5 Years
  • 6-10 Years
  • Above of 10 Years

Minimum Skill set required

0-2 Years

  • Core PHP – Should write great logic as well latest PHP function and optimized code
  • MySql – Crud Options as well Trigger, Store procedure, Best schema as per requirement and optimized query when selecting data from data base.
  •  Ajax and JQuery/Javascript basic knowledge
  • HTML basic knowledge
  • PHP server basic knowledge

3-5 Years

  • Core PHP – Should write great logic as well latest PHP function and optimized code
  • MySql – Crud Options as well Trigger, Store procedure, Best schema as per requirement and optimized query when selecting data from data base.
  • Know to use of  Design pattern
  • desing database structure for medium scale of project
  • Ajax and JQuery/Javascript basic knowledge
  • HTML basic knowledge
  • They should self-start mean: then able to configure server as well deployment
  • Uses of GIT repository for version control
  • Communication with Client
  • Build leadership quality

6-10 Years

  • Core PHP – Should write great logic as well latest PHP function and optimized code
  • Great problem solving skill
  • MySql – Crud Options as well Trigger, Store procedure, Best schema as per requirement and optimized query when selecting data from data base.
  • Expertise of  Design pattern
  • design database structure for medium and large scale of project
  • Ajax and jQuery/JavaScript good knowledge
  • HTML basic knowledge
  • Should know DevOps
  • Uses of GIT repository for version control
  • Client handling skill
  • Good leadership skill
  • CMS knowledge as per company norms
  • Min Stack Knowledge

    Above of 10 Years

  • Core PHP – Should write great logic as well latest PHP function and optimised code
  • Great problem solving skill
  • Strong knowledge of Database
  • Expertise of  Design pattern
  • design database structure for medium and large scale of project
  • Good know about frontend technology e.g. Node js, Angular Js etc.
  • HTML basic knowledge
  • Good in DevOps
  • Good in Version Control e.g. GIT, CI-CD
  • Client handling skill
  • Managerial  skill
  • CMS knowledge
  • Architecture design of project
  • Full Stack knowledge

Salary structure

Experience in YearMin Salary(monthly)Max Salary (monthly)
0-28k – 20k21k – 30k
3-525k – 35k36k – 65k
6-1065k – 80k81k – 120k
Above 10120k – 140kNo range
PHP Developer Salary structure as per their experience

Top 10 Cities in India for career of PHP Developers.

  1. Gurugram –  Haryana
  2. Noida – UP
  3. New Delhi – Delhi
  4. Hyderabad – Telangana
  5. Ahmedabad – Gujrat
  6. Pune – Maharashtra
  7. Mumbai – Maharashtra
  8. Bangalore – Karnataka
  9. Chennai – Punjab
  10. Kolkata – West Bengal


If PHP developer are less than the above define bracket, then they need to do hard work and achieve that, or they already earning in this bracket then that good. Or some PHP developers who earning more than max bracket then that’s great keep doing hard work with smartly.

Hence, these are the primary reasons to choose PHP Developer as your career. Whether you are starting out a career in PHP, or already working in PHP development, it has immense job opportunities and future scope with high salaries.

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