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explode() and implode() string functions are very useful function we can solved biggest task using these two methods.

The explode() function break the string into an array with particular separator/delimiter,  it splits the string wherever the delimiter character occurs.

Syntax : explode(separator,string,limit)

Here, separator :  will be anything which must be present in string e.g. “ ”, “,” “/” etc.

String: which you want to split into an array

Limit: Greater than 0 – Returns an array with a maximum of limit element(s)

Less than 0 – Returns an array except for the last -limit elements()

0 – Returns an array with one element

Let’s see an example of explode()

// filename: explode_function.php
echo "<strong>Original Text </strong> : ".$text = "this is text we are learning explode string function, and performing some operations on this";
echo "<br/><pre>";

// default, will beak into all possible split`
print_r(explode(" ",$text));

// zero, it return one length of an array
print_r(explode(" ",$text,0));

// here 3,mean return 3 length of an array, first 2 array will be broken by seperate and rest all in last elements.
print_r(explode(" ",$text,3));

// here -2, mean remove last 2 elements from returned array
print_r(explode(" ",$text,-2));	

echo "<pre/>";

explode() function
Result of explode() function

Remove string before slash using explode() function of string

$string="remove all text before / rest of all text will be visible";
$data = explode("/",$string);

echo "<br/><strong> whole text : </strong>".$string;

echo "<br/><strong>After Removed text before  '/'  : </strong>".end($data);
Removed text before slash
Removed text before slash

use of implode() function

The implode() function returns a string from the elements of an array.

$names = ['Pradip','Ajay','Rahul','Adeep','jai','Jyoti','Priyanka','Madhu','Sonu','Ankit'];

echo "<b>Name List in array format. </b> <pre>";


echo "<pre/>";

$names_string = implode(", ",$names);

echo " <br/> <b>Name List after implode function applied. </b><br/>";

echo $names_string;
Implode() Function
Result: Implode() Function


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